RouletteGPT Ai Prediction Software for Online Live European Roulette

Our software is specifically designed to work with Online Live European Roulette games only. Auto Roulette and Human Dealer both work, but NOT RNG roulette!

Automated Roulette wheel means a gaming device that automatically spins a ball around a mechanical roulette wheel. (A real wheel not a pc game style animation, that will be RNG!)

This is because the European version of roulette offers the best odds for players, making it the most popular and profitable form of the game. Additionally,
unlike American Roulette, European Roulette features only one green pocket (the number 0), which provides a better chance of winning for players. American Roulette future 38 pockets vs 37 for European Roulette PLUS a different numbering sequence on the wheel)

The RouletteGPT interface can be moved to any convenient location on your screen.

It's important to note that our software is not designed to work with Random Number Generated (RNG) versions of roulette or any other variations of the game. This is because RNG games use a computer algorithm to randomly generate outcomes, making them less predictable and less profitable for players. Therefore, we have chosen to focus our software exclusively on Online Live European Roulette games, which offer the best odds and the most reliable data for our advanced algorithms to analyze!

The user interface is very user friendly and compact with a drop-down menu when you need more options such as correcting a wrong click or see your user info. The RouletteGPT interface can be moved to any convenient location on your screen.

Ease of use have been paramount in development of the software. There are no files to open or save, no fuzz.
Simply click on the last number landed, and up pops the next round predictions!

The software will only need 3 spins upon a dealer or casino swap and is then predicting as normal.

How Accurate is RouletteGTP Predictions?
RouletteGPT predicts six individual numbers to bet on every turn. Using Ai machine learning, it reverse engineer the dealers previous spins, speeds, ball scatter and more to see why the ball ended there. Predicts and then allocates hit points to each individual number. The hit points for each number are then totaled for each street, and the software selects the two streets with the highest total hit points. This process ensures that you can place your bets on the most likely streets to win, while also minimizing your betting costs.

Our software predicts the outcomes of European Live Roulette with an average accuracy of predicted correctly every 2.7 rounds when it picks up a dealer/wheel correctly!

In our testing, the software averagely predicted correctly every 3.7 rounds over 2500 spins tested. You get wheels not picking up well, for varios reasons and you only play wheels that gets picked up well by the software.
Note that this includes all spins tested, we only play the good ones! You have to shop around for a dealer/wheel that picks up good with the software, then you hit the big money! with 2.7 hit-rate it means you will be correct every 2 or 3 spins.

The trick is to get a dealer/wheel that get's picked up well and you get every 2 or 3 rounds correct!

If it is correct every 2nd round it means you get 36 chips back for every 12 you played! (If you did bet straight up 1 chip per number)
If it is correct every 3rd round it means you get 36 chips back for every 18 you played! (If you did bet straight up 1 chip per number).
if it is correct every 6th round you still get the 36 chips back you played (35 winnings + the 1 you played)
With this outcome you only need to invest time, and you will build a good profit!

PLEASE NOTE: Our statistics are based on the tables we play, and results may vary. To ensure the best possible outcome, we recommend playing with a reliable online casino.
Certainly you get times when the software like the dealer/table combo and have at least every 3rd round correct. Simalary you get a dealer/table that do redlight too much at times. The software gives you an edge over the house, and with patience and good timing, you can steadily build up your winnings. Simply learn when to play hard!
You only have to increase your odds by 3 percent to go from losing on average to winning on average.
The results come up as 2 streets to play.

Simply click on the last number landed, and up pops the next round predictions!

1) Simply Click on the Last Number Landed
2) Up pops the next round predictions!

When a dealer or Casino change take place simply click on the button to inform the software of this.

Our software utilises advanced algorithms to perform complex calculations based on user mouse clicks in real-time (i.e. the last number landed in a casino game). It employs cutting-edge technology to analyze data from the last numbers landed in a casino game, enabling it to reverse engineer posibble ball speeds and why the ball landed there etc. providing it with data for the next spin. It does not connect directly to the casino's system, and is therefore undetectable by the casino. Additionally, our software operates within the rules and regulations of the online casino industry, and is completely legal to use.

is RouletteGPT a scam? NO!

Our AI technology is specifically designed for predicting roulette outcomes only making for an compact unit, allowing RouletteGPT to be relatively lightweight on system resources. This means that you can run the software on any computer that runs Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 (32-bit & 64-bit), without any significant impact on performance or requiring any hardware upgrades. If it run your Windows it will work.

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11, (32-bit & 64-bit)

NEWS: Version 1.6 now work on Both Human Dealer and Auto Roulette. (Automated Roulette wheel means a gaming device that automatically spins a ball around a mechanical roulette wheel) but NOT on RNG Roulette. (A real wheel not a pc game style animation, that will be RNG!)

Price: RouletteGPT is available for purchase via PayPal Monthly Subscription at only $34 per month.
Your Price will be $19 for your 2 WEEKS to test this software, if you take up on this offer!

(NOTE: Subscription can be stopped from reoccurring at any time in the Paypal dashboard if the software are no longer needed but the active portion is not refundable.)

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Reviews by our Beta Testers
Absolute fantastic. RouletteGPT have made me realise my dream of moving to Phuket Thailand imminent! I am going very soon, busy with the final preparations. i will not even be looking for a job, just keep on playing Roulette an hour or two everyday! I stop for the day when i am up $400 in takings, usually from a $100 bankroll. I manage to do this at least 7 out of 10 days, although sometimes even lady luck needs some rest! - Allen
RouletteGPT is the real deal! When JP asked to test his beta version way back in January 2020 i was very sceptical. Now it is the tool i use every day to supplement my pension with a huge margin! Thank you JP! - Dave
I have seen this software improve by leaps and bounds over the last 2 years. RouletteGPT have transformed me into a "Pro Gambler" since June 2022! I even resigned from my full time salesman job back then. The Latest version really ROCKS! - Thomas
Reviews by our USERS
Hi JP. I'm writing to tell you that your sw on UK XXXX (Casino Name Hidden) roulette gained something like 640 units in a couple of hours!!! 😂 Your RouletteGPT Software is a monster, when he picks the dealer slaughters the roulette wheel...that's right.
Fantastic. Thank you.😍😍 - Sergio

Warning: Gambling can be addictive. Please play responsibly.

RouletteGPT Software is designed to assist with the game of roulette, but it is important to remember that gambling carries inherent risks. Gambling should always be viewed as a form of entertainment, and not as a means of making money. If you feel that your gambling is becoming a problem, we recommend that you seek professional help.

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